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What is the NIH-funded, MAVEN senior scientist initiative?

  • The MAVEN Initiative is a national educational and mentorship program that supports and advances the careers of women, and particularly those of color, in science, research, and healthcare.

  • The MAVEN Initiative will provide senior scientist attendees with career advancement resources, mentorship, and coaching throughout virtual summer sessions and will focus on topics such as organizational culture problem solving and effective science thought leadership and public engagement.

  • MAVEN is an educational research study evaluating the career ascension and satisfaction of MAVEN program attendees when compared to their monitored senior scientist peers.


Why was the MAVEN leadership program for science thought-leaders created?

  • Diversifying our nation’s scientific and healthcare leadership is essential for achieving health equity, forging an impactful research agenda, and empowering science and healthcare leaders.

  • The number of female researchers/scientists who are deans of academic medical centers in the U.S. is less than 5%. MAVEN exists to change this inequity by advancing diversity and growth among female scientists.


Who is eligible to be a MAVEN senior scientist?

  • Female and racially diverse scientists, from all areas of research relevant to medicine or health, and focusing in any specialty area, at least 10-15 years out from completion of their terminal degree.

  • Researchers who are planning for the next stage of their career growth.


How will this trial advance science?

  • This trial will measure differences in job satisfaction and career ascension between candidates randomly selected to attend educational and mentoring opportunities and those not selected for program activities. This will provide evidence-based support for these activities as a means of supporting equity within the sciences.


If I decide to accept the honor of becoming a MAVEN senior scientist, how do I know if I’ve been selected to participate as either a program attendee or a monitored participant?

  • Upon accepting this honor, as a MAVEN senior scientist, you will be randomized into one of two (n=20) cohorts—those who attend the leadership program and those who do not.

  • As a MAVEN program attendee, you will gain the knowledge and professional network that will help you advance to senior leadership positions within science and academic medicine. You will have full access to the curriculum, education and mentoring offered by the program.

  • As a MAVEN monitored participant, you provide a great service to advance the effectiveness of this program, designed to support diversity in healthcare leadership. All MAVEN senior scientists will receive yearly anonymous surveys about their career success and engagement.


What is the summer 2024 MAVEN Institute I schedule?

MAVEN Institute Kick-off Event:  Monday, May 6 | 5:00 pm - 6:00 pm EST

  • May 17 

  • June 7

  •  June 21

  •  July 12

  • July 19

  • Sessions will run from 11AM to 5PM EST, with a 1 hour lunch and a 30 minute break.

  • Mentorship activities take place between the two summer institutes.


Does it cost anything to participate?

  •  No. There is no application or application fee required for this program.

  • To accept this honor, please respond via email ( with your acceptance or any additional questions.


What if I can’t participate in the Summer 2024 cohort?

  • Unfortunately, this is the last Cohort we are enrolling into MAVEN Institute I. If you have concerns about your ability to attend all sessions, please reach out to us at

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